Looking after a loved one suffering from dementia can be stressful, especially as the disease progresses.
Managing the patient’s changing needs, together with balancing your professional, family and personal commitments, can be tough.
Investing in specially trained caregivers may help ease stress and offer you room to live a higher quality of life.
What Is Dementia?
In the simplest terms possible, dementia is a condition that causes the victim to suffer the loss of cognitive function to a level that affects their day-to-day activities and, consequently, quality of life.
According to recent research findings, up to 6.2 million Americans aged 65 years and above are living with Alzheimer’s dementia.
In-Home Care for Dementia Patients
In-home care, if delivered the right way, can help dementia patients remain in the comfort and safety of their homes at any stage of the disease.
The best thing about in-home care, when it comes to dementia patients, is that it enables them to remain in familiar surroundings.
Anything that can cause disorientation and confusion, such as moving into strange surroundings, may worsen the patient’s condition or even accelerate the progression of the disease.
The Benefits of In-Home Care Services for Dementia Patients
1. Round-The-Clock Care
Dementia is a progressive disease and the level of care needed grows with the disease.
Therefore, as the dementia level of your loved one continues to progress, they will definitely be needing more intensive care.
In-home care for dementia patients is delivered in the comfort of the client’s home and is available 24/7, meaning a team of specially-trained caregivers will work round the clock to ensure the patient gets the much-needed support.
That way, the patient is able to receive the care and support they need while maintaining familiarity and normalcy.
2. Calming Interactions
In-home caregivers who have been specially trained to provide care for dementia patients understand how the disease progresses and how it affects the behavior and moods of their patients.
This means they have lots of skills and knowledge on how best to interact with these patients and will thus, take all measures to ensure their comfort and peace of mind.
3. Personalized Care
Dementia affects each patient differently, which means that the kind of care needed will vary by individual.
Through in-home care, care levels and services provided are tailored to the current needs of the patient. The plan of care is revised according to their changing needs.
4. Family Respite
Getting a highly trained caregiver to help care for a dementia patient helps lift a lot of weight off the shoulders of many families.
When families are able to temporarily or permanently delegate their caregiving duties to people they can trust, they are able to enjoy a much-needed break.
They are also able to comfortably focus on their own needs knowing that their loved one is under the care of someone who understands the disease and will take good care of them.
5. Personal Care and Light Housekeeping
In-home care for dementia patients offers the support level your loved one requires.
Through the help of their assigned caregiver, these patients are able to maintain hygiene and remain in clean and healthy surroundings.
For example, the caregiver will offer assistance with bathing and dressing to a patient who is unable to bathe or dress on their own.
A caregiver will also keep tabs on the patient’s medical appointments and will remind and accompany them to the doctor’s office.
From day-to day activities to light housekeeping and basic hygiene, an in-home caregiver will be in a position to adjust their interactions depending on what their patient requires.
As already noted, the frequency and level of care will increase as dementia progresses.
At Astin Home Care Agency, we offer customized dementia care packages for families based on their loved one’s diagnosis.
We have invested heavily in highly trained and experienced caregivers who understand all challenges faced by dementia patients.
We are committed to walking this difficult journey with any family that needs our help without any form of bias.
We offer free evaluations to discuss your loved one’s needs and how best they can be supported.
In case you need any form of support, have questions or suggestions; feel free to contact us today!
Telephone- (770) 790-0012
Email – [email protected]
We’ll be happy to arrange a free in-home consultation to determine how our services can be of help to you or your loved one.

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