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Astin Home Care of Atlanta, GA Offers Special Home Care for seniors in Atlanta, GA

Atlanta, GA: Astin Home Care of Atlanta, GA is committed to providing seniors with the assistance they need to live at home. With over 9 years of experience caring for seniors in their homes, Astin Home Care of Atlanta, GA, understands that...

Astin Home Care: The Best Place for Alzheimer’s and Dementia Home Health Agencies in Georgia

I'm going to tell you a story about an exceptional place. It's in Atlanta, Georgia, and it's home to one of America's best Alzheimer's and dementia care facilities. This place is called Astin Home Care. I'll share how this facility stands out...

In-Home Care for Alzheimer’s Dementia in Atlanta, Georgia – Astin Home Care Agency

In-home care for Alzheimer’s dementia in Atlanta, Georgia, includes abroad range of services delivered in the client’s home, including personalcare services, companion care, and 24-hour nursing care. These kinds ofservices are meant to enable these patients to remain...

Companion Care for Seniors in Atlanta – Is Your Loved One Depressed During This COVID Era?

Unsurprisingly, the current COVID pandemic has taken a major toll on themental health of our seniors. As it stands, one out of every four older adultsin the US is believed to have depression or anxiety, with the majorcontributing...

Best Home Care Agencies Atlanta Georgia for Dementia and Alzheimer Solutions

Contrary to popular opinion, Dementia and Alzheimer's disease are not the same. Dementia is a catch-all term that refers to memory loss, communication difficulties, and performance problems in daily living. When an elderly person has Alzheimer’s...

5 Reasons Why Choosing Astin Home Care Georgia Home Health Agencies is The Right Choice.

Astin Home Care Services in Georgia is a licensed home health care agency with the highest quality of service and professional caregivers. Their team of qualified nurses, therapists, and healthcare assistants is committed to providing you with...

How Do I Prevent A Caregiver From Abusing My Elderly Parent?

Are you afraid that securing the services of a home care agency for youran elderly parent may expose him/her to elderly abuse? If so, it’s completelynormal to harbor this kind of fear – after all, many elderly persons are goingthrough all forms of abuse at the hands...

In-Home Senior Care Services in Atlanta – The Difference between ADLS and IADLS

In-home senior care services in Atlanta are making it possible forthousands of seniors to remain in their homes as they age. As it is, almostall senior citizens in America (90%) want to age in place. They claim homeis where they are likely to feel safest, happiest,...

Does Medicare Pay for Home Care Services for Alzheimer’s Dementia in Atlanta?

The best way to answer this question would be to first specify the kind of home care needed by you or your loved one. We have 2 main types of home care in Atlanta – non-medical home care and home health care/ home-based nursing care. Non-Medical Care: Non-medical care...

Benefits of In-Home Care for Dementia Patients

Looking after a loved one suffering from dementia can be stressful, especially as the disease progresses. Managing the patient’s changing needs, together with balancing your professional, family and personal commitments, can be tough. Investing in specially trained...


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