First Aid and CPR Training

First Aid Training

Astin Home Care First Aid and CPR Training

When an emergency happens, First aid and CPR could literally determine whether a life is saved or lost.

CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) is an emergency, lifesaving technique that helps to keep both the blood and oxygen circulating within the body when the heart of a person has stopped beating and their breathing has consequently ceased.

On the other hand, First Aid is the most immediate assistance delivered to a person who has suffered a minor or major injury or health-related emergency, with the aim of preserving their life.

Course Overview:

The Astin Home Care First Aid and CPR course has been designed for caregivers across the state of Georgia and anyone else who wishes to provide emergency care in whichever situation, be it at the workplace, at home, or any
other setting.

Other than saving lives, another thing that caregivers, healthcare providers, and other first responders, can achieve through these two techniques is to ensure their own safety – when they are safe, they are in a better position to help those that need their help.

We offer a variety of First Aid and CPR courses that meet the American Red Cross and OSHA Standards. The main purpose of our program is to help partakers to recognize and respond appropriately to common health-related
emergencies as they await the assistance of a more advanced responder to take over.

Our training is available to individuals and organizations as well. Participants don’t need any previous experience in CPR or First Aid.

Our Instructors:

Our instructors have been trained and certified to teach First aid and CPR by the American Red Cross.

Training Method:

Our instructors use a classroom-based training method, combined with practical (hands-on) components/tasks.

Hands-on training allows our course participants to apply what they have
learned to real-world situations. Because of that, they are able to understand,
absorb, and retain everything they have learned in a better way.
Consequently, practical demonstrations and hands-on practice are both
fundamental parts of our First Aid and CPR training program.

Course Content – First Aid:

All our participants typically start by enrolling in a basic First Aid program, where they are taught the appropriate measures for taking care of themselves and others in the event of an emergency.

Some of the things that are taught in the basic First Aid program include, but are not limited to:

  • The duties and responsibilities of a First Aider
  • How to assess and prioritize emergency situations
  • How to arrange for medical help
  • How to treat different emergency situations, e.g., choking, poisoning, burns, bleeding, etc.

Course Content – Adult CPR/AED:

Upon the successful completion of the basic First Aid program, our participants proceed to our Adult CPR/AED training program, where they learn to tackle various emergency situations related to breathing problems,
choking, and cardiac events.

Course partakers can expect to undertake the following in this course:

  • Hand only CPR
  • AED (automated external defibrillator)
  • The Helmlich maneuver

Infant and Child CPR:

CPR is performed differently in adults, children, and infants because of various
differences in physiology, bone density, strength, and other occurrences.

This particular program may be taken together with the adult CPR program or
separately. In this course, participants are taught how to handle various
emergency situations in children and infants, including breathing problems,
choking, and cardiac events.


Training Schedule:

  • (1) Class per month


  • (4) Hours


  • Astin Home Care’s corporate office in Douglasville, Ga


  • $65


  • 2-year certification card (Paid students only)

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