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Looking for holiday gift ideas for seniors? At Astin Home Care Agency, we know choosing a holiday gift for an aging loved one can be a bit difficult. To begin with, this is an age group that has already received a lifetime of gifts – they probably already own whatever is on your mind. They are also past the age of enjoying the latest gadgets on the market or the funkiest clothes in the stores. Don’t worry, here are a few holiday gift ideas for seniors courtesy of our Administrator, Coach Michele Ellis-Williams:

A Customized Photo Album

Creating or having a customized photo album created for your loved one is a great idea for several reasons. One – it can help them reminisce anytime they want. In case you didn’t know, seniors enjoy reminiscing and looking at past photos as it helps them remember the good old days. According to psychologists, reminiscing comes with many positive effects for aging adults. For seniors with dementia or Alzheimer’s, reminiscing is especially helpful as it can help boost their moods and thus reduce their agitation.

Secondly, reminiscing enhances their self-esteem. Aging can be quite a challenging affair and reminiscing can actually help a senior cope with the process in a better way. It connects them to the days when they were stronger and more active. That way, they shift their focus from their “helplessness” and begin to reflect on the good things they have achieved in life. This enhances their self-esteem and they begin to appreciate themselves more rather than focus on their aging.

Thirdly, a customized photo album is likely to go straight to your loved one’s heart. This is because of the tender love and care you will obviously have put into the gift – it comes straight from your heart and is likely to be appreciated more than any other gift.

A Jigsaw Puzzle

Jigsaw puzzles offer a great holiday gift idea for seniors for many reasons. First, doing puzzles is an effective way to keep seniors entertained and to exercise their fingers and brains. The other good thing about jigsaws is that seniors can do them on their own if they don’t have a companion and still get to have some fun.

The key is to identify a puzzle that your loved one will like – something that has a picture that fascinates them, and also suits their level of ability. There are even puzzles out there for seniors with mild cognitive impairment and impaired vision.

Tip – if you are not sure the type of jigsaw puzzle your loved one would enjoy, start with a 50-100 piece puzzle and see how they like it. If they find it too difficult or too easy, find a puzzle with more or fewer pieces based on their feedback.

A Weighted Blanket

According to studies, seniors tend to experience less sleep as they age, something that often leaves them fatigued all day long. If you are looking for a holiday gift idea for seniors that will really make sense, why not buy a weighted blanket for your loved one? It might just be the thing they need to restore their sleep.

In case you are wondering how a weighted blanket can help restore sleep, the theory behind these blankets is the deep pressure or weight that one experiences by being under them. This pressure or weight is believed to increase the release of the “happy hormone” (serotonin) in the brain. Once releases, this hormone creates a happy, calm, and relaxed feeling that slowly eradicates the triggers of insomnia in old age such as stress, anxiety, restless leg syndrome, etc.

A Holiday Caregiver/Companion

The very best gift you can give your aging loved one this holiday season is your presence. But if for one reason or another you are not able to be with them, why not consider hiring a holiday caregiver for them?

The holidays are a time for happiness and celebrations, but for seniors who live alone, that is not always the case. And this is especially true for seniors who have recently lost a spouse or lost their independence in one way or another.

At Astin Home Care Agency, we are determined to help seniors enjoy this holiday season. Our caregivers are more than willing to spend time with your aging loved one. They will light up the holiday spirit and chase away any holiday blues by decorating your loved one’s home, baking holiday treats together, reliving precious memories, recreating any other family tradition as desired by your loved one, and simply being there with them.

To learn more about the services we offer here at Astin Home Care Agency, especially for seniors whose loved ones are unable to be with them this holiday season, feel free to contact us through the details provided below.

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