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About Astin Home Care’s Homemaker Services

We all enjoy living in a clean environment, don’t we? After all, clean surroundings come with many benefits. For starters, they lessen the spread of germs and the symptoms of allergies. Clean surroundings also promote safety and help keep pests at bay. On the other hand, untidy surroundings not only raise the risk of acquiring sicknesses and infections but also raise the risk of serious injuries.

Unfortunately, for seniors, disabled persons, and other individuals with low mobility issues, a clean home or environment is something they cannot enjoy without outside help. For these individuals, even a seemingly simple task, like loading the dishwasher, can be extremely difficult, or in some cases, totally impossible.

The Benefits of Astin Home Care’s Homemaker Services

Our homemaker service is a form of in-home care that offers practical assistance with household chores to enable our patients to remain in an environment that is clean, safe, and healthy. Through this kind of arrangement, seniors and others can remain independent and promote their health and safety throughout.

How Our Homemaker Services Work

A well-trained homemaker/caregiver visits the patient’s home daily, or on an as-needed basis, and assists the patient with the below-described tasks. Our services are not meant for seniors and persons with physical limitations alone. They are meant for anyone who needs them, including young and healthy individuals who are too busy to attend to their homes. Some of our homemaker tasks include but are not limited to the following:


Light Housekeeping




Changing Linens


Watering Plants


Meal Preparation


Grocery Shopping


Emptying Trash


Safe-Proofing the Home


Running Errands


Small Dog/Cat Care

Getting started with Astin Home Care

The first step to starting with Astin Home Care is to call us at (770) 635-5330. On your call, our care coordinator will schedule an in-home visit, where a registered nurse conducts a thorough assessment of the patient’s needs and wants.

This initial home visit is also an avenue for us to interact with the patient and the family as a whole to pair your loved one with a compatible caregiver.  We will also answer any questions you have concerning our Atlanta home care services and our agency.

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