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At some point in life, you or your loved one may need in-home care. Also known as non-medical home care, in-home care is a service that enables an individual, usually seniors, to receive care at home while recuperating from an injury or illness, or when age catches up and the individual is no longer able to perform the activities of daily living without help. Some of the services that come with in-home care include meal preparation, medication reminders, help with personal grooming, companionship and friendship, ambulation, and others.

In-Home Care Benefits for Seniors

In-home care offers many benefits for seniors, with one of them being that it helps them fight the loneliness that comes with the holidays. True, for many of us, the holidays are the best time of the year. We hold get-togethers, feast, give and receive gifts, and simply make merry.

Unfortunately, that cannot be said for many of our senior citizens. For many seniors, the holidays are usually the most depressing season ever. In most cases their families are hundreds or thousands of miles away – they yearn for them, they struggle to prepare a special meal, to decorate, to shop, and to engage in other activities associated with the holidays. As a result, they begin to feel sad and eventually develop what we at Astin Home Care term as “holiday blues.”

Holiday blues can be described as temporary feelings of depression and/or anxiety during the holiday season. While these symptoms are usually brought about by the inability to be with loved ones, there are other factors that can trigger holiday blues, including changes in the daily routine, changes in diet, less sunlight, alcohol consumption, and stress.

Also, despite the fact that holiday blues are only temporary, meaning they usually go away when the season ends, they can still lead to long-term mental conditions and should, therefore, be taken seriously. In some seniors, holiday blues can actually be a sign of clinical depression.

Helping Your Loved One

If you have an elderly loved one, such as a parent, friend, spouse or neighbor, who will be spending the holidays alone, there’s a lot you can do to help lift their spirits, and this includes hiring a companion for them.

At Astin Home Care, we can provide your loved one with a professionally trained caregiver who will not only keep them company during this season but will also tend to their every need with love and care. And this includes helping them with their activities of daily living.

We know that seniors enjoy reflecting back on happier times, and during this time, our caregivers can help your loved one unpack cherished decorations while listening to their stories as they add decorative touches to their houses. They can also prepare holiday goodies and treats together with your loved one, if possible, while prolonging the process to make things fun and memorable for them.

Other activities our caregivers can engage in to make your loved one feel loved and special this season include watching holiday movies, calling loved ones via video call, listening to seasonal music, doing crafts, and simply spending time with them. If your loved one needs to visit friends and family, we can arrange for non-medical transportation and companionship to and fro.

The truth is that the most important gift you could bequeath your aging loved one this season is to spend time with him/her. But if are you not able to be there for them personally, contact us through the details given below and we will do everything in our power to help them beat the holiday blues while involving you every step of the way.

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