In-home care for Alzheimer’s dementia in Atlanta, Georgia, includes a
broad range of services delivered in the client’s home, including personal
care services, companion care, and 24-hour nursing care. These kinds of
services are meant to enable these patients to remain in the comfort of
their homes. That way, they may avoid or postpone being institutionalized.

According to the Alzheimer’s Association, we have more than 6 million
senior citizens living with Alzheimer’s in America. In Georgia, it is estimated
that around 140,000 Georgians are living with the disease. This figure is
expected to rise to 190,000 in the next few years (by 2025).

While there’s still no cure for Alzheimer’s and other types of dementia,
experts have come up with medical and non-medical treatment options that
are meant to improve the quality of life.

In-Home Care for Alzheimer’s Dementia in Atlanta

Is in-home care for Alzheimer’s dementia in Atlanta beneficial for these

In-home care for Alzheimer’s dementia in Atlanta and other cities across
Georgia may be beneficial for these patients and their families, mainly
because a familiar environment and regular routine are believed to provide
the safety and comfort needed by these patients, especially during the
middle and late stages of the illness.

You see, among the most common symptoms of Alzheimer’s is anxiety,
which leads to other problems, including fear, withdrawal, and uneasiness.
These symptoms are believed to be triggered by unfamiliar surroundings
and unfamiliar routines.

Since in-home care for Alzheimer’s enables patients to remain in familiar
surroundings (their homes), while maintaining their normal routines, it may
help ease symptoms of anxiety, including fear and withdrawal. When it
comes to their families, this kind of arrangement eases the burden of
caregiving, which is not easy, to say the least.

Astin Home Care –Alzheimer’s Dementia In-home Care

Astin Home Care Agency is fully licensed to provide Alzheimer’s dementia
care in Atlanta. We know that our loved ones who have Alzheimer’s have

different needs, and that their needs can change from day to day, or evolve
with the progression of the disease.

Specially-trained Alzheimer’s dementia caregivers:

Astin’s in-home care services for Alzheimer’s dementia are especially
geared towards dementia patients and their families, meaning that we have
caregivers who have received specialized training and have enough
experience to extend the love and care needed by you or your loved one in
any stage of the disease.

We provide both non-medical and skilled nursing services for different
types of dementia, and this includes family education and support.

Call us to schedule a free in-home assessment to determine the specific
needs of your loved one, or to enquire more about our home care services
for Alzheimer’s in Atlanta.

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