What are the benefits of aging at home?
Also known as aging in place, aging at home refers to the option of remaining at home as you age, rather than moving into a nursing home or other care facility.
According to research, more than 90% of older adults have chosen to age at home. So, if you have chosen or are thinking the same, you are in good company. Growing older is a blessing and we, at Astin Home Care, wish you the very best in your decision.
So, what are the benefits of aging at home? Here we go:
In-Home Care for Seniors – The Benefits Of Aging At Home
1. Maintaining Your Independence and Dignity
Maintaining our independence and dignity is something we all desire and are entitled to regardless of age.
Your home is the least restrictive environment you could ever age in.
This is where you get to follow your usual schedule and engage in the activities you enjoy at your pleasure.
Your home is also one of the safest places you could ever be.
It is not only a safe haven, but a private harbor as well.
Behind your closed doors, you get to be the real you.
This is where you enjoy your own space to the fullest.
You also get to choose who and what to let in and who and what to keep out.
If you are afraid you might lose your independence and dignity/privacy by moving into a facility, in-home care could be a great care option for you.
2. Personalized, One-On-One Care
We are all different, and so are our needs.
Because in-home care is provided in your home through a professional caregiver, it revolves only around your specific needs and wants as the client.
You also get to enjoy the private, one-on-one attention of your caregiver or caregivers since there’s no one else to share it with.
That way, it becomes easier for your needs and wants to be taken care of.
One-on-one care is especially recommended if you or a loved one has a condition that requires continuous monitoring.
3. Promotes Quick Recovery And Minimizes Re-Admission Rates
If you are recovering from an illness, a major surgery, or an injury of any kind, receiving the care you need at home may help you recover much faster, and even help reduce your chances of getting re-admitted.
One of the ways home care does that is by reducing the chances of contracting contagious diseases, such as the flu, something that can be difficult or even impossible to avoid when you are sharing your space with other patients.
Also, being at home, surrounded by loved ones and familiar surroundings minimizes stress and loneliness, and that creates a conducive environment for both the body and mind to recover much faster.
The nutritional, medication, and safety support that comes with in-home care services has also been shown to support recovery and minimize re-admission rates.
If you would love to gain the benefits we have just looked at and more, it’s about time to reach out to us here at Astin Home Care.
We are an award-winning home care provider offering our services in Atlanta, among other areas.
Our team of highly trained caregivers and licensed nurses is waiting to support you in whatever you may be looking for, from compassionate home care services to a heartfelt and sincere friendship.
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