women talkingMedication reminders is among the services offered through in-home care services for seniors. For many Baby Boomers, the ability to age in place, i.e., remain in the comfort of their homes as they age, largely depends on their ability to manage their medication regimen.

For many of us, whenever the term “medicine” is mentioned, we often think of pills. True, pills are medicines, but according to owner and Administrator of Astin Home Care Agency, Michele Ellis-Williams, medications come in many forms, such as the following:

  • Ear and eye drops
  • Liquids for swallowing
  • Tablets for sublingual (under the tongue) application
  • Patches for sticking to the skin
  • Injections, also known as shots
  • Intravenous medications
  • Inhalers
  • Gels, creams, and ointments
  • Etc.

“Seniors are the biggest consumers of prescription medications, yet from my interactions with my home care clients, not more than 50% of them take their medications as prescribed,” says Ms. Williams, who is commonly known as Coach Michele in the home care sphere.

According to statistics, medication mismanagement or non-adherence to medication regimens is among the biggest contributors to nursing home placements in seniors. It also happens to play a big part in hospital readmissions among this demographic group.

“Seniors who live alone are more prone to non-adherence to their medication regimes, usually because there’s no one to assist or remind them to take their medicines,” explains Coach Michele. “Seniors with chronic conditions, such as depression, low dexterity, and cognitive impairment have a higher chance of mismanaging their medications. The more complicated the medication regime, the higher the risk for non-adherence.”

In-Home Care for Seniors – The Consequences Of Non-Adherence To A Medication Regime

Does non-adherence to a medication regime have consequences?

Yes, according to Coach Michele, non-adherence comes with a variety of consequences, some of which can be quite severe.

“Some of the consequences of non-adherence I have come across over the years include increased confusion, loss of consciousness, decreased or increased blood pressure, both of which increase the risk for falls, and others. Many of these consequences are usually as a result of overdosing or under-dosing, and drug interactions, especially in cases where the patient confuses medicines that look the same,” explains the Coach.

What Next?

Perhaps you are a senior who has chosen to remain in your home as you age and you are experiencing difficulties managing your medication regime? Or perhaps you have noticed a few red flags in a loved one and you are worried they may be mismanaging their medications?

In that case, a medication reminders service could literally help save your life or your loved one’s life for that matter.

What is a medication reminders service?

A medication reminders service is a service that literally reminds an individual to take their medicines as prescribed. These services are available in most home care agencies and are usually offered as part of the in-home care or non-medical home care package.

At Astin Home Care, we know that for seniors and other individuals with various impairments, it can be quite overwhelming to keep track of their medication regimens. As a result, some may completely forget to take their medications, while others may forget they’ve actually already taken their medicines only to end up taking a second or third dose.

To eliminate such occurrences, our medication reminders service, which is offered through professional caregivers, comes with the following services:

  • Keeping an inventory of the client’s medications.
  • Reminding the client to take the right medication, at the right time, and at the right dosage.
  • Handing medications to the client and opening the container for them.
  • Picking medications from the doctor’s office or drug store.
  • Keeping a record of any side effects.
  • Accompanying the client to the doctor’s office for medication review appointments.
  • And more.

Our medication reminders service is not meant for seniors alone, but for any other individual who may require the service for any reason regardless of age. The service is inclusive of other in-home care services like light housekeeping, meal preparation, assistance with bathing and grooming, non-medical transportation, shopping and errands, companionship and more.

To learn more about our medication reminders service or to discuss more ways we can help to keep you or your loved one safer and healthier as they continue to remain at home, feel free to contact us through the details provided below. We are more than willing to assist you in any way we can.

Georgia 770-790-0012

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