In-home senior care services in Atlanta are making it possible for
thousands of seniors to remain in their homes as they age. As it is, almost
all senior citizens in America (90%) want to age in place. They claim home
is where they are likely to feel safest, happiest, and most comfortable.

Of course, many seniors need assistance with their ADLs (activities of daily
living) and IADLs (instrumental activities of daily living) to age in place
safely, and this is exactly what in-home care for seniors in Atlanta offers
through specially trained caregivers. Specialized training of caregivers is
important as seniors and other home care consumers have different needs.

What is the difference between ADLs and IADLs?

If you are wondering what ADLs are, and if they are the same as IADLs,
here’s a simple description to help you understand what exactly you or your
loved one can expect from your senior care provider in Atlanta or any other
city or state.

To begin with, ADLs, which is the acronym for “activities of daily living”, are
the basic or personal physical activities we must engage in on a daily basis,
and they include:

 Toileting
 Transferring
 Feeding
 Bathing
 Dressing
 Walking

Now, anyone who is unable to perform the above tasks on their own for any
reason, senior or not, will require assistance, either by engaging the
assistance of a family caregiver or moving to a facility of some kind.
Through in-home care for seniors, this kind of assistance is provided on a
daily basis, thus eliminating or postponing the need for institutionalization
or a family caregiver.

What are IADLs?

IADLs, standing for “instrumental activities of daily living,” are activities that
require more organization and thinking skills. These activities include:

 Financial activities, including paying bills
 Running errands, including grocery shopping
 Meal preparation
 Medication management and administration
 Home maintenance/housekeeping
 Transportation

Once again, aging in place is impossible for anyone who cannot perform
the above activities on their own, unless assistance of any kind is available.

Astin Home Care – Senior Care Services

Astin Home Care Agency is making it possible for seniors in Atlanta to age
in place by providing individualized senior care services that cater to both
ADLs and IADLs. We are a fully licensed home care provider providing
both non-medical home care and skilled nursing care for seniors.

As one of Atlanta’s most trusted senior care providers, our goal is to ensure
that our clients not only get to satisfy their wish of remaining in their homes
despite their physical and cognitive limitations, but get to enjoy a better
quality of life in the process.

To set up a free in-home assessment or to enquire about our in-home care
services in Atlanta, feel free to reach out – our friendly support team is
more than happy to help.

Telephone- (770) 790-0012

Email – [email protected]

Website –

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