caregiver assist eating seniorOne of the most common services provided by in-home senior care providers is assistance with ADLs.
So, what exactly are ADLs?
ADLs, which simply means “activities of daily living,” are basic tasks that humans must accomplish every day in order to live a normal life and to thrive.
These activities include:
• Feeding
• Personal hygiene, e.g., bathing/showering, hair, nail, and oral care
• Dressing
• Continence i.e., using the bathroom normally
• Ambulation i.e., walking independently and changing positions throughout the day
Of course, there are other activities that we do every single day that we have not included in our list.
But basically, what’s included describes the minimum activities one must complete, either on their own or through the help of someone else to live a full and meaningful life.
Difficulty with ADLs
Now, for many of us, completing our ADLs doesn’t involve any difficulties –it’s easy and comes naturally.
Unfortunately, that’s not usually the case with many people.
According to the CDC, older adults aged 75 and above are more likely to have difficulties in completing their ADLs due to age-related limitations.
However, difficulty with ADLs can affect persons of any age, including children.
Some of the conditions that can affect one’s ability to successfully complete their ADLs include:
• Physical and mental disabilities
• Chronic illnesses like hand disorders, arthritis, osteoporosis, muscular dystrophy, chronic back pain, and others
• Severe injuries and other temporary conditions, such as surgery
• Congenital illnesses, which are usually present from birth, including cerebral palsy, spina bifida, and others
Naturally, when an individual’s ability to successfully complete their ADLs begins to decline, it can lead to a poor quality of life.
For example, an individual who is no longer able to feed themselves well will soon suffer the consequences of ill health, as will one who no longer practices good personal hygiene.
For such individuals, help or assistance is usually available in the form of a family caregiver or licensed home care provider, who provides the care needed based on the exact needs of the individual.
Instrumental ADLs
In addition to ADLs, you may have heard of instrumental ADLs, which are not considered essential, but are still important, and they include:
• Transportation
• Money management
• Bill paying and shopping
• Medication management
• Communication through a device like a phone or app
• Meal preparation
• Laundry and housekeeping
For older adults who have chosen to age independently from the comfort of their homes, it is important that they are able to complete both their basic and instrumental ADLs successfully, otherwise, aging in place might be difficult.
Home Care for Seniors and Others With Difficulty In ADLs And Instrumental ADLs
For seniors and other individuals with difficulty in ADLs, home care services are usually an effective and easily-available means to get all the help they need while preserving their dignity and independence.
This kind of assistance is delivered by trained caregivers who have been trained to provide care based on the specific needs of the individual.
At Astin Home Care Agency, we provide assistance for individuals who need help with both ADLs and instrumental ADLs upon an initial home-based assessment of the individual by an RN to determine their specific needs and level of care needed.
If you or your loved one has been having trouble with their ADLs and/or instrumental ADLs, feel free to contact us with any questions you may have or to schedule an assessment by our RN.
We deliver both non-medical and skilled nursing services.
Telephone- (770) 790-0012
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