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Also known as non-medical home care, in-home care services are meant to help seniors and other needy individuals with personal care and activities of daily living (ADLs). The main goal of these services is to keep these individuals safe, comfortable, and contented in their own homes.

Some of the services that come with in-home care include help with personal grooming, meal preparation, companionship and friendship, help with getting in and out of the shower, light housekeeping, medication reminders, and others. In addition to enabling seniors to remain in their homes while receiving the love and care they deserve, in-home care offers many other benefits.

Peace of Mind for Family Members and Other Loved Ones

For example, in-home care, or non-medical home care if you like, provides peace of mind for the client’s family and other loved ones. You see, most seniors have loved ones who are very much concerned about their well-being. Unfortunately, due to unavoidable reasons, they cannot find the time to provide the kind of care needed by their beloved seniors.

This is where a reputable in-home care provider comes in. Through personalized, high quality home care services, the aging parent or relative receives the care he/she requires, while the family/loved ones get to live their lives to the fullest assured that their aging loved one is in the best hands possible.

At Astin Home Care Agency, we always strive to include family members when creating care plans for our clients. We consider family members a part of the care team. As a result, we always keep them updated on how their loved ones are faring on under our care while encouraging them to maintain relationships with them.

Promotes Independence and Confidence in Seniors

Loss of independence is something that comes naturally with aging. In the simplest terms possible, losing independence means having trouble managing your day to day activities. For example, you may experience difficulty walking, begin to lose your hearing or sight, experience a decrease in your physical energy, etc.

Based on the above description, it’s obvious just how frightening losing independence can turn out to be. For most seniors, loss of independence brings about many negative feelings. Some feel threatened, others feel marginalized, others feel ashamed, etc. Still, there are those who engage in dangerous behavior, all in a bid to prove their capabilities or assert their independence.

As Astin Home Care Agency, we have witnessed just how effective in-home care can be when it comes to promoting feelings of independence and confidence in seniors. While receiving this kind of care, we have seen our seniors move about freely. We have seen them accomplish various tasks and hobbies with a little help from our professionally trained caregivers.

We have also gone ahead to notice that receiving in-home care in the comfort of home provides a special kind of privacy that is not available in nursing homes and other care facilities.

If you are a senior looking for an in-home care provider you can trust, or maybe you are an adult child looking for senior care services for your aging parent, feel free to get in touch with us here at Astin Home Care through the details provided below. We are more than willing to explain how in-home care or non-medical home care can be of benefit to you or your loved one.

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