Protecting Your Seniors from Winter Home Repair Scams

Seniors lose an estimated $2.9 billion annually from financial exploitation, according to the Senate Special Committee on Aging.

No matter where you live, the possibility of a fierce winter storm hitting your home is always present. The aftermath can, unfortunately, cost an individual more than the storm itself, especially for seniors.

Ice storms, blizzards, and hail can cause significant damage to a home’s exterior, leaving homeowners vulnerable to con artists who conveniently appear out of the blue offering to patch up cracks on the driveway, fix up the roof, or some other home repair service.

We at Astin Home Care, a professional Home Care Agency in Georgia, understand the difficult position this puts many seniors in. To help our clients, we have come up with these simple guidelines to avoid winter home repair scams.

  • Accept the risk. Seniors, especially women, over the age of 75 and those who have cognitive impairment and who live without a family carer or a caregiver from a provider of home health care in Georgia are much more likely to get swindled.
  • Ask questions and take notes. If you’re careful enough, you can catch con artists in their lie. Don’t immediately give in to good words from people, especially from ones who appear unsolicited at your doorstep.
  • Be rational, not emotional. Scammers play at their victims’ emotions, creating in them a sense of urgency and panic. Instead of acting immediately, ask for their contact number and inform them that you’ll call them back once you’ve made a decision.
  • You always have a choice to say NO!

Keep an eye on your loved ones this winter, and get them reliable Home Care Services in College Park, Georgia!

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