What Our Lives Will Look Like in 2021

“If you think 2020 is hard, I would say buckle up now for what is around the corner.” — Mark Lowcock, emergency relief coordinator, U.N.

The rippling effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on humanitarian emergencies and backsliding development trends are projected to worsen over the next few years as crises burn more feverishly than ever. This is according to United Nations Emergency Relief Coordinator Mark Lowcock.

Around the world, epidemiologists are coming up with short- and long-term projections as a way to prepare themselves for (or potentially mitigate) the spread and influence of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19.

Despite the varying forecasts and timelines, modelers all agree on two factors. First, COVID-19 is here for the long-haul. Second, the future depends a lot on the unknown, including whether people will be able to develop lasting immunity against the COVID-19 virus or seasonality affects its spread and — more importantly — the choices made by governments and individuals.

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